all the things that make my mind itch to review..


Broke The Brother’s Code

“speaking about friendship that is not working like you want.. it always getting complicated or even, painful”
when you get annoyed by your friend you trust so much, then he did bad to you and he literally doesn’t feel any guilty or sorry for that, just like I said, it hurts..
the quantity of disappointment you get depends on how special he means to you. you’re constantly avoiding the contacts and keep making distance, but it just makes everything worse. you can’t stop thinking of him or forgetting how bad he has done to you. that’s what I can say to you….



Haaalooo kawan-kawan narablog semua..

guess what?? I’m back.. 😀

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya setelah sekian lama vaccuum cleaner, hiatus, mandeg, akhirnya aku bisa kembali blogging lagi. Kalau kalian cermati (gak penting juga si) postingan terakhirku bulan Juli tahun 2013. Like.. serously Dude???? udah lamaaaaaaaaa banget.. 4 tahun guys.. 4 tahun lho, bayangkan… 😥 Kalian yang baca ini pasti langsung bertanya-tanya, kok ngilang? ngapain aja selama ini? kok bisa hiatus segitu lamanya? kok gak pernah blogwalking lagi? kok…? kok…? dan banyak lagi kok yang akan kalian tanyakan heheheh :mrgreen:

Well, here you go…

Very First Time

ini blog baru aku…. tapi masih belum ada isinya, tunggu ya!