all the things that make my mind itch to review..

Restricted Voice

Light my tongue with it

Shredded love couldn’t heal it

You stretch over around it

And it’s gonna be devastated

It feels nice knowing you cry

My voice told me to laugh and fly high

Make get flipped in a joy

Seeing you hurt and scream aloud

And who cares with that crap

Be selfish guy was the best way

You thought I would be horrified

Or at last it just makes me hide away

Could you feel so wrong?

Sorry or feel like get a zonk

Those helped you was just a demon

Who’d probably made me like laughter?

I just want to hold my voice

Hold it tight until I get some pieces

Of bread or some grilled fishes

Then could you get me a bump of ice

Glad found you in that whole misery
feels as good as you’ve served it to me

Fill your bed with hairy fairies

The only real monster that comes from Pacific’s ferry

Flesh me upon your hatred

Guess I will be so welcome Babe

You thought so high as if you could do that

It results that I’m the last who should be laughed

Do you hear my voice growing harder?

As if it cuts your ears out

You know nothing about this kind of stuff

Something I used to feel and almost killed me

Say it harder so I can hear you

Was it such a scream for a help

I said I’d love to, but I can’t

It shall be a little fine if you just say nothing

Recognizing all the pain and hurt

It will grow you up

From your barbarian period

You’ll be so lucky if you know

However if you catch your failure and die so quick

Trust me it all out of my control

Be kind lady and show your smile

As a real the whole good girl should be

What hurts me in past is your now brand new destiny

I feel like a swiftly bird that escape from a Cayman’s mouth

Scratching your itchy cheeks

And behaving like a bitchy witch

Well then I’ll be swimming in a bloody pool of yours

2 responses

  1. ngeri… dark poem, btw, zonk apaan? the big zink?

    August 3, 2012 at 8:02 am

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