all the things that make my mind itch to review..

English Poem

Restricted Voice

Light my tongue with it

Shredded love couldn’t heal it

You stretch over around it

And it’s gonna be devastated

It feels nice knowing you cry

My voice told me to laugh and fly high

Make get flipped in a joy

Seeing you hurt and scream aloud

And who cares (more…)

The Last Word of Her

She’s crying

She’s so sad

Through all her life

With no choice left

She can’t think clearly

Shrouded in black

Ignoring the voice around

She gathers all blesses

Gonna say her last words

Harshly linked in the blow

Surrounded by (more…)

The Greatest Hope

Woke up from the routine

Preparing for everything

I close my eyes and think

Is there any hope left in

I never thought what kind of matter

I’m loosing myself in the river

Finding out everything can be found

Which always make me sad and moron?

Today is the doomsday

The day when (more…)

Wish My Heart Be There


If there’s no joyful of paradise

Am I still sincerely prayed for you?

If there’s no burning-fiery hell

Am I still staying away from your prohibition?

I’m just a dust which covered

By all weaknesses

Inappropriate to touch your holy palace

But unable to breathe your fiery hell

Too many mistakes

This had done in every step

Of my life

Fetter my legs tightly

So I’ll never walk on (more…)

The Hidden Betrayal

Counting the day

Over and over

Waiting for her back

But those rough stones hurt me

Let me be chewed up by nature

Just to see her

I know this is (more…)

Rain of Mercy

I’m wondering where you are

I’m trapped in this emptiness

Pull me inside

Never let me go

Can’t see anything

No one here

Those blacks sucked my soul out

Too mercilessly killing me

I’m unable to face them all

I wondered where you are

Come and gone

Ruthlessly throw (more…)

Morning breeze

Too fresh to breathe
Disappearing all doubtfulness
The sun widely smiled up
Share the light to everyone
Who believe in tomorrow?
The birds swiftly flown away
Carrying wishes in their legs
And the wind softly hugs my soul
Make me fly over the sky
Dancing fairies look on me jealously
Nothing than peaceful love
That fulfilling my sponged heart
Everyone with their entire best smile
Standing up along day
To welcome their dreams
Those had became a reality
Cry of happiness
Spread over in every sides of the air
Reverberating a song victory
Make me amazed
With all exhibitions
Of the darkness of minds
Unhurriedly disappeared
Hopelessness, calamity
And hypocrisy
Is only a nightmare
That should be forgotten
By everyone who still want to see
The bright of future
And in this time
I fearlessly stand up
And witness
Killing someone’s dream
Is such an unforgivable thing

by: ikhwan 🙂